Catching up

This is our Valentine pizza. Fred had to work tonight, so Alexx and Cassie wanted to have a heart shaped pizza. Half bacon and half sausage, not so healthy but very tasty.

So, to catch up since last month. I finished Chase's baby scrapbook before he was born and I was able to give it to Justina the morning that Chase was born. I was lucky to be at the hospital and I was able to see him soon after he was born. He is an adorable baby and looks just like Josh.

I went to an all day scrapbook crop and finished eleven pages. For me that is a ton. So my total scrapbook layouts for January was thirteen pages :)

Cassie and I are still on WW. We are doing well with the eating healthier foods, but we really need to exercise more. We are working on that.

Ben is doing well. He has a check up on Friday and we are going to ask to see the pediatric eye doctor. Since he is over a year now, he is old enough to have his tear duct opened.

Scrapbook goals for February: Organize my paper. I bought 12 of the vertical paper holders at my Stampin' Up meeting. I hope they will make organizing my paper much easier than the horizontal shelves I used to use. In between organizing my paper, I hope to finish 20 layouts for this month. I may not hit that goal since the month is half over, but I will try.


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