Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting ready for Sandy

We are spending the day getting ready for Sandy.
This is supposed to be a bad storm for a lot of people and right now they are predicting a mess in South Jersey. So far we are not planning to evacuate. Currently the mandatory evacuation line has been drawn one block from our house. I imagine this could change at any point and we do have a place to go if needed.
We have food and water. Our neighbors have a generator so we can recharge in case the power is out for an extended time. We have games and toys aplenty. If the power stays on I may be able to get some scrapbooking done. That would be a nice change.
Cassie has to work. The hospital will of course remain open and the patients will want to eat. So hopefully if the weather is too bad they will have a bed to offer her and she can sleep without coming home. Last time we had a bad storm there were a lot of people sleeping at the hospital and working extra shifts to make up for the people who could not make it into work.
Here's to Safe and Sunnier days ahead. If you are in the storm zone, please keep safe.

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Jimjams said...

Hope you managed to stay safe and dry!