Saturday, January 1, 2011

365 Day 1

This picture of me and Fred will be the first picture in my daily photo album for this year. I really wanted to use a family picture, and we did spend the day together as a family, but I never had anyone take a picture of all of us. Oh well, there are 364 more days...I am going to try hard to take a picture every day. My plan is to have a list of ideas for pictures on days when there is really nothing going on.

My December daily is coming along. I think it should be finished within the next week. I have to get a few pictures from my sister for two of the days. I will post the pictures of the finished album when it is done.

Cassie and I signed up for WW three weeks ago. We are doing well (11 and 12 pounds down) and the new program seems pretty easy to follow. I figure we are beating the summer rush to look/feel better in our clothes if we start now.

I am still planning on posting finished scrapbook layouts on this blog. I haven't done any scrapbooking in the last month or two, but I will have a lot of free time now that the holidays are over. This month I am making a baby scrapbook as a gift. I have all of the papers picked out, but I haven't started any of the layouts. That will be my big project for January.

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