Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sick House

My picture for yesterday was Cassie, sick in bed.
Yesterday started out well. Cassie was up and had Ben ready early so that we could head out to court. She went into his room after his morning nap to get him into his jacket and he was sick. He had throw up in his hair and needed a full change of clothes and a good scrubbing. At almost 13 months old, it was the first time he has ever had more than a bit of spit up. She got him cleaned up and we took him to my mom's house for the day.
We went to court, and they called us first. It was actually much quicker than Cassie or I expected. They asked a few questions of all of us, set up child support, and health insurance which is good news. And then we came home. Cassie had a mild stomach ache, and next thing you know... sick as can be. Probably a mix of nerves and whatever bug Benj had.
Now the good news is that they are both feeling great today and life is back to normal. I have a little bit of cleaning to do in my scrapbook room and then I have big scrapping plans for this month.

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