Crop layouts and Invitations

I went to a crop on Saturday and I was able to get a few pages done. I am a really slow scrapper.

 This was one of my favorite pages. We were at the kids play part of the Philadelphia Zoo. They were just regular pictures, but when I looked at the way the girls were posed I just came up with this idea. I had these two gold charms in my stash from a very old QVC kit.
 It says Mr Frog if you eat my sister I will love you forever.

This picture of the Hershey Kiss was taken when we were in Niagara Falls, Canada. We stopped at the Hershey store and I snapped the pictures with the statue. The next day when my daughter was walking down the sidewalk she wasn't paying attention and walked into the back side of the statue. 

While we were in Canada we went to the Butterfly Conservatory and my older daughter stopped to play on this tree for a few minutes. She loved being in Canada and waited a few years for this trip. I am glad she had so much fun when we finally ended up on vacation.

The day we were heading home was our 21st anniversary. We stopped for dinner and my mom took our picture for us. It wasn't our fanciest anniversary but we spent it with the people we love most. My sister gave me the printed twill at the crop because it matched the layout so well.

While we were in Canada we were in a bakery and they had ice wine candy. They told us about ice wine so the next day we went to this Winery where they had ice wine slushies. We bought two bottles and came home with the recipe to make our own slushies. 

I made this layout and I am not happy with it. I like the borders, the twine and flowers and the picture well enough. It just needs something... But for now I just have to leave it because I don't know what else to do that will make it look better or finished. 

I started two more layouts while I was at the crop but I was getting tired and I wasn't able to complete them. Hopefully I will get them done later this week.

Cassie and I spent two days making these party invitations for Ben's second birthday party. We made 26 invitations in total with eight characters (there is another Elmo I forgot to put in the picture). We are going to be making a lot things in the next few weeks to get ready for his party.  

If you made it this far, thanks for looking and reading. All of my scrapbook layouts were made with my counterfeit kit. If you aren't familiar with the Counterfeit Kit Challenge you should take a look at their blog. It is a great way to give your old supplies new life.


Clair said…
It looks like you're getting lots of use out of your counterfeit kit already. Lovely use of colour in all your layouts!
Margie said…
Lovely, fun layouts! Great job!
Anonymous said…
Wow - you've been busy! Love the frog page especially - I think I have those same charms somewhere :)
S said…
It looks like your kit really got a workout at that crop - what a good crop of pages!
Jimjams said…
A SLOW scrapper - my goodness if I get two pages done at my 6 hour crop I'm happy - I do talk a lot though :P

Fab pages and a super creative day!
Lisa said…
Doesn't look to me like you're a slow scrapper! I'm amazed. I get to a crop once or twice a year and if I come home with a layout and a card I'm a happy girl! All the layouts are lovely and you're certainly getting a lot of mileage from your kit!

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