Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Day

I have been working on my December Daily.
I have all of the pages cut out and put in order. That was the hardest part. I used a lot of different papers, but because the book has so many pages I was able to mix old and new papers, bright colors and aged prints and it still flows well.
I have seven different shaped pages that are randomly arranged. Now I am working on picking my embellishments for each page. I am going to put any ribbons and things on the individual pages and then I am going to sew each page to the page behind it.
Fred bought me large binder rings today so that I will be able to put it all together without it being too bulky for the rings I already had. I can make it as bulky as I want to now.
My only concern is how I can make the paper stronger around the holes. I think it will be ok because each page is two papers, but I would hate to go through all of this work and have the pages get torn.
Onto family life... We have had such nice weather here this weekend. Saturday was our local harvest festival so the girls and I took Benjamin and spent the day wandering around. We were shopping, entering raffles, and just having a lot of fun. I wanted Cassie to have Ben's face painted but she was worried that his outfit would get dirty. Silly girl, she wanted to have his face painted at Linvilla, but the line was too long. I guess she didn't like his outfit that day?
And me... I am on a diet. I really need to lose a lot of weight. Today is day four. I am actually feeling good. I have cut out junk food snacks and have been planning my food choices. As soon as I get a good hold of eating well, I am going to be working on exercise. I don't want to work on both right away because I get overwhelmed and give up. I am not giving up this time. I think as long as my goals are small and reasonable I will succeed. I "need" to lose about 100 pounds. My first goal is to follow through and lose ten pounds.
Have a great day.

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