Monday, October 11, 2010

Linvilla Orchards

We just got home from our long day at Linvilla Orchard. Even though it is a little far we like to go every year. They have so much to do and they have the very best apple cider donuts I have ever had (and the only ones I have ever had). We had a great time once we got there. On the way we stopped for breakfast and the girls ran into the chocolate store for some candy. Then I got a little lost. I am not shocked at all by this. I have no sense of direction, so I get lost easily, but this time it wasn't my fault. My mapquest directions said to go left when I should have gone straight. But we eventually got there.
We fed the animals, ate junk food, picked apples, and spent about five hours just wandering around. Alexx and Ben each had a pony ride. It was so funny because Alexx wanted to ride the pony and she didn't want to ask if she was allowed. The people there were so nice and said she could ride. I think the boy who had to walk the pony around with her was younger than she is. I heard him ask her how old she really was and he laughed when she said she was 19. I am so excited that I was able to get so many really good pictures. And it was nice that we met my family there before we left and we got to have dinner with them.

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KB said...

What a cute lil one; great picute I wish I would have gone one when mine was little.