Baby Mini- BG Olivia

I made this mini album for a friend. I used mostly BG Olivia for the pages.
These folded paper albums go together really quickly and hold a ton of pictures. Each page has a tag on the front, back and top. Each tag can have a picture on the front and back so that is a lot of photos.
I made six pages. It would have probably laid flat if I had used only five, but I couldn't decide which print to skip so I used them all. Haha. 
The album is able to stand so you can leave it on a table. I tried not to make it too bulky because I wanted mom to be able to put it in her purse.

I saw a great tutorial on youtube for this album a few months ago. I searched for the same video and can't find it now. There are a lot of tutorials for a similar album if you look.


Anonymous said…
This looks fabulous! I've never made one of these - tempted now :)

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