Thursday, September 9, 2010

My day as a taxi

Scrapbook inspiration for today:

Today I spent just about the whole day in the car. I don't mind driving here or there but today it was never ending. I am glad Fred is off tomorrow so he can have some of the driving duty.
This is how it went:
One trip to the vet to drop off Travis for his surgery, and a stop at the library on the way home.
One trip to the school to pick up Cassie, with a quick stop at the doctor to pick up Alexx on the way to lunch with Mom.And a round trip back to the diner for something we left there before we went home.
One trip to the vet to pick Travis up after his surgery, and back home to drop him off.
One trip to the hospital to pick Cassie up from work, with a side trip to Arbys for Alexx's dinner and a stop at Walmart before heading back home again.
Tomorrow I will be spending the day at home. I will clean a little bit, and scrapbook a lot. Look for a new layout posted tomorrow :)

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