Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scrapbook inspiration for today:

A child is a curly, dimpled, lunatic

Today Fred and I took the kids to Atlantic City. They have been wanting to go shopping and it was the only day that nobody had work. We went to a lot of stores, did some window shopping, and had dinner. Benjamin probably got more than anyone while we were out. He got a new Halloween bag and bib, Thanksgiving onesie and socks, and a few other clothes. Cassie picked him up a few birthday or Christmas presents also. Alexx got a few shirts and new sunglasses. Cassie was happy to find a Juicy Couture store and she got two new charms for her bracelet...

We ate at Applebees. We have been trying to go out to dinner as a family one day a month. It hasn't been fancy dinners out, but we have enjoyed ourselves. Last month we went to Taco Bell and Maui's Dog House. The dog house was a ton of fun because they serve your food in large dog bowls. In July we went to the Texas Roadhouse. In June we went to Tuckers Pub and Scoops in Wildwood. We hadn't been there before and it was good. It is a fun way for us to all spend time together without feeling so rushed by life.

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